Geri H, Frisco, TX

★★★★★ Apr 25, 2018

OMG, I just had one of the best massages from Rosemary tonight!! She was absolutely amazing!

I had been here when they originally opened several years ago and it was not a pleasant experience. The massage was rough (not a deep massage - nope, I mean rough, like I'd been beaten up rough) and no one spoke English. They weren't even pleasant when you walked it. It was awful.

But tonight that bad experience was completely washed away with a 180 degree difference!! Thank you Rosemary - you're awesome!!

I'm not sure but I don't think it's owned by the same people any longer (thank heavens!). There's a different name and a smiling face that now greets you!

Tonight I was really sore and had a very knotted up shoulder. I'd been having constant pain with my back and now the shoulder. I just needed someone to massage it out that was close. I knew they had evening hours so I bit the bullet and called to see if anyone could get me in. Rosemary was so pleasant and said she'd be happy to see me!! But I was still skeptical after that old experience there. As it turned out, I had no reason to be!!

I asked Rosemary to focus on my shoulder - which she immediately did. What I didn't tell her was that I'd been getting shots in my back for 3 compressed discs and 2 extrusions and none had worked. I still have a lot of continual pain. WOW! In no time she found that area and really worked some magic! And I do mean magic because I walked out of there with almost no back pain - something I haven't experienced since last October!!

I will definitely be going back and I will be recommending her to my friends and neighbors. She is a REALLY good massage therapist - and she speaks beautiful English too!! And as an added bonus, she smiles. A lot.

Cindy M, Frisco, TX

★★★★★ Apr 14, 2018

Simple but the best! Fantastic job every time I go into the foot spa. Today had a body and foot massage and left feeling amazing, renewed, and zenfull. I feel that these ladies are the best massage therapist in town.

Min Z, Plano, TX

★★★★★ Mar, 27,2018

This was my first time getting a massages this year.I was greeted with warm smiles all z time. My massage therapist was Rosemary and she was AMAZING!!!!! She knew which spots on my back needed the most attention and she delivered. She is extremely professional and will adjust her pressures to meet your needs. I highly recommend coming here for your next massage session.

Deborah B, Frisco TX

★★★★★ Feb 23, 2018

I was lucky to find this place. I was looking for some body knowledge and professional. Massage technique great. She combined deep tissue and trigger point.
No extra charge for hot stone and medicinal oil that she used.
Place is nice and clean easy to find.
I strongly recommend Frisco Foot spa
They really work hard to get rid aches and pain so they deserve to have a good tips.

Kathleen H, Frisco, TX

★★★★★ Aug 01, 2017

I have seriously never had a message this therapeutic and needed in my life. Rosemary has hands like stone (in a good way!) - she may look petite, but her massage is second to none. I liked the massage so much (and was hurting from some muscle issues) that I went back again the following week. Rosemary was out of town, so Mary gave me my massage - also fantastic! Not quite as much pressure, but honestly, i was still feeling the earlier massage, so it was perfect. I will definitely be back here (and back and back and back...)

Joy L, Frisco, TX

★★★★★ Jul 18, 2017

As a healthcare professional myself, I bear too much stress from work and load it on my own body. I have been to many body and foot massage spas including massage envy, Spa Castle in Carrollton, and Siena massage in Frisco. The body massage at Frisco Body & Foot Massage is by far the best. The therapist Rosemary is also a physical therapist, therefore she really knows how to massage the insertion of the muscles to relieve the pain. I had lower back pain for 3 months and I could not even bend my waist. I have tried acupuncture. I have tried taking days of Ibuprofen and applying ice to my lower back every night. And the chiropractor that I see once a week told me that I need an MRI for possible dislocated disk. Each session at the chiropractor did not offer any pain relief regardless he tried to decompress my lower spine. I was so disappointed. I was in so much pain that I was desperate to get a massage hoping for some relief. I walked into this Chinese massage place by Lebanon and Preston and it is life changing! Thirty minutes into the massage on my upper shoulder blades, I felt the pain in my lower back is fading away. After one hour massage is completed, I was able to have ZERO pain at my lower back! This is amazing! I feel great and able to do my routine workout again. Beyond that, you can not beat the price of $50/hr (Before 2pm)! Thank you Rosemary for bringing my life back after I have spent thousands of dollars trying to have a pain free life!

Rick M, Plano, TX

“Very helpful place!!!”

★★★★★ May 31, 2017

Received a great massage after having muscle aches. Rosemary is excellent and very helpful!! I will definitely continue to come here!!

Visited January 2017

Matthew D

★★★★★ Mar 16, 2017

Rosemary gave the best massage of my life. I fell asleep but she kept saying it's so good for you to relax. I felt she cared about giving good service. Very clean as well!

Yuliya S, Frisco, TX

★★★★ Jan 1, 2016

You get what you pay for, let's start with that. It is cheap, no reservation required, fast and fair massage! I come in here maybe once a month to get my foot and neck massage! $40 for an hour, can't be any cheaper than that. Yes there is no aroma therapy or sound machine and candles... But you need to close your eyes and let them massage your sore body! I fell asleep multiple time in here and woke up from me snoring... I'm a mommy of a 2 y.o and my back and feet were killing me these whole time and it was my little escape for an hour with an excuse of grocery shopping next door at TomThumb 2 hour long grocery shopping - don't judge me, I haven't had a good night sleep for a while!


★★★★ Aug 12, 2015

FANTASTIC MASSAGE with a mildly sketchy lacking English environment. So this place is interesting. I found the web page and selected what we wanted and then called to make an appointment. It was a strange conversation because the person sounded tired/far away. So hubby and I show up for our 90 min couple massage to find that they have no record of my booking and no one really speaks any English. They asked us to return in 30 minutes to get our massage. In that 30 minutes I confirmed that I did in fact have the right place.

First impression, a little dirty and sketchy. This is definitely not a chain massage facility. I must say I was a little worried. They tried to separate my husband and I, apparently men get walked in and ladies get massages by a guy. After a small debate we were kept together. The massage was AWESOME. If you like deep tissue this is it times 10. They basically spend however long you choose beating the crap out of your muscles! I am all jello now! I recommend it but be aware you're going for the massage not for the environment.

Ipo K, Carrollton, Dallas, TX

★★★★ Sep 12, 2014

I wanted to try a simple massage place that was quick, no appointment necessary and inexpensive. That's exactly what I found here. If you are looking for a high end, fufu massage place, this is not it but it does the job.

It's very relaxing and they take walk ins as well. For less than $100, you can get a foot and back massage. I recommend this place for those always on the go, don't want to commit to an appointment and would rather not spend too much. Enjoy!

Vince Clark

★★★★★ Nov 3, 2013

This place is amazing, best massage I've had in years.

K F, Carrollton, TX

★★★★★ Oct 12, 2013

This place is amazing! It is not a robe and heated table kind of place, but wow are they great, and for 29.99 you can't go wrong. My favorite best kept secret .

Byron S, McKinney, TX

★★★★ Sep, 14, 2013

My wife has been here many times and has raved about the location. Today, I joined her for the one hour foot and back massage.

My wife didn't warn me about the setup, but I got past that. My wife and I were able to be together for the hour.

The first was the foot and leg massage. Sitting in a reclined chair, and after my feet soaked in warm for a while, WOW! The massage was awesome and associate took her time. If you're looking for something easy and soft, this will not be it. It was great.

The back massage was next and it was perfect. Didn't want it to stop. When the massage was complete, I mentioned to my wife that I look forward to our next visit.

I can see why many rated this location low, it is not the typical massage facility. For $29.99 for an hour, it can't be beat.  The best is it's all about the message, not chatting from the associates, just one hour of massage.

Give it a try!

Alexis N, Lewisville, TX

★★★★★ Mar 20,2011

I will definitely be back! I received the full body massage and it was a mixture of shiatsu and deep tension massage. Definitely alot of pressure but worked out the knots I had in my neck and shoulders. Although there was no soothing music playing and I could hear people talking in the main room it did not bother me at all. The price was unbelievable!!!

Jenny M, Frisco, TX

★★★★★ Dec 19, 2010

With the stress of Kids, husband, work, and life everyone needs to take time for themselves. I have gone over a dozen times, and every time find myself renewed, refreshed and ready to take on the next piece of life. Yes, it is a different experience; however if you try it... you'll love it.

Elisa A, Dallas, TX

★★★★★ Sep 12, 2010


Hole. E. Shit.

I am a new person thanks to Shiatsu Massage! A lady named Lee Lee got on the massage table and walked on my back, pressed her knees into knots of tension and used her feet to work her magic. I was a little freaked out when she hopped up on the table. Trust me, she knows what she's doing!

This place is a little slice of heaven in a strip mall. I'm HOOKED! They break out with some ninja UFC moves to get those nasty little knots of stress outta your back! Trust me....you'll walk out of this place stumbling and glowing at the same time! When I left, I didn't know if I wanted a nap or a smoke. (not insinuating anything nonprofessional, illegal or not on the up-and-up...this place is completely legit).